skittles: “piñata”.

I’m seriously in love with everything Skittles has done lately. Most companies would freak out at an agency pitch suggesting that their product be linked to a life of misery – but that’s exactly what happened in last year’s amazing Skittles spot “Touch”. You remember him – the poor, beleagured man with the Midas-Skittles touch. Everything he laid hands on turned into a scattering mess of rainbow candy. Skittles were ruining his life and they had the balls to put out an ad counter-intuitive to most industry thinking. In the end, the spot was hilarious, it went all over the net, and Skittles looked cooler than everyone else.

Their latest is just as good. It’s called “Piñata”, and I won’t ruin it’s twisted magnificence with any more introduction..

(Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day)


  1. you rule!”))

  2. Is it just me? That pinata guy totally makes my skin crawl. I’m itching just thinking about it.

  3. For some reason this campaign gives me the creeps….

  4. you’re awesome 😉

  5. irowboat says:

    Is it just me or does that guy sound a lot like Kelsey Grammer? Great voice.

  6. Fun stuff! Thanks for sharing. His piñata costume would be great for Halloween.

  7. i love it. these commercials are fantastic!


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