When looking to create a fresh, modern new brand, you might not think automatically of painkillers and bandages. Thankfully, Help did…


Help is to pharmaceuticals what the brilliant Method is to cleaning products: be clear, be environmentally friendly, be different, and look good enough that people will want to show you off. They clearly state that their goal is to make products that actually help people and to bring some simplicity and environmental responsibility to the ugly, plasticized, over-packaged pill industry. In fact, reading the ethics statement on their site was actually inspiring, and when was the last time you could say that about a company?

Their products are equally forward-thinking. Their packaging is made from 100% recycled paper pulp and is fully compostable. You can literally shove it in the dirt, walk away, and feel okay about it. “Help. I have a headache” is 500mg acetaminophen pills that come without coatings or dyes. They openly admit they aren’t as pretty, but they’re better for you and for the planet. “Help. I’ve cut myself” warns that the bandages inside are made from hydrocolloid, the same stuff hospitals use. Again, it doesn’t look like a Band-Aid, but it works better than one. I love everything Help is doing, and I hope they blow up huge. Right now they’re only available for sale online, but they promise they’re working on a nation-wide distribution deal. I can’t wait.

They’re also savvy enough to know that when a brand is this morally strong and beautifully designed, people want to interact with it and share it. That’s why they’ve got personalized “Help. I…” tees available too.


For just $20 bucks you can customize your own tee. The site’s easy to use ordering system lets you see exactly what your shirt will look like. Behold:



  1. Mirella says:

    I love it, I’ve been looking for someone that reduces packaging, especially bandaids.
    I’d pay more for this, if it reduces waste don’t you think it’s worth it? And why does everything have to be plastered with graphics? Printing less is better than printing more in terms of the inks you use. And yeah all they really need to add is how many units are in each pack.

  2. Thanks for nice words. Glad you like what we are trying to do.

    As for Kim’s comment above, she is absolutely right about the pricing. At the moment we are trying to showcase the idea to people and how it might work. We intend to reduce the costs and prices significantly as we grow. It’s our intention to charge less than our more wasteful competitors. But that’s a little challenging when we are just starting out and using a completely new green packaging material!

    Anyway the comments positive and negative are always helpful so please keep them coming.


    the people at help

  3. After reviewing Help’s Web site, I am sorry to shade some shadows on your view. The package is huge for an environmentally friendly company. About half of the surface is not used. Do not get me wrong, I strive for stylish living. The Help products may seem cooler than the pharmaceutical brand, but charging $6 for 12 pills of 500mg acetaminophen is excessive. In fact, they omit to say the quantity in a pack on their online store – a beginner error or a misleading marketing tactic? So I will pass on that one.

  4. cool stuff. I like the method products…they should like, become buddies or something.

    I think i’ll try those bandaids as soon as I get the chance.


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