honda: “plant this letter”.

Green is the new Ad. As part of it’s new drive to raise the green-cred on it’s lawn and garden vehicles, Honda sent out a direct mail letter that literally grows. Once soaked in water and planted in soil, the seeds inside the paper itself grow into wildflowers. Though one could fairly easily argue the environmental implications of a direct mail letter (the creation of more paper, regardless of it’s biodegradability or green purpose, uses chemicals and expends energy… I’m just sayin’) the romantic in me loves the beautiful idea of this letter:


Brain-stormed by London, UK agency Inferno and copywritten by Jaime Diskin, they really seem to have walked their talk on this one: the envelope and paper were 100% recycled and acid free and the inks were green-friendly as well.


There’s a certain green simplicity going on here that I really love. Keep in mind this isn’t the first time something like this had been done; earlier this year Bogle Bartle Hegarty Asia created plantable tags for Levi’s Eco Jeans (made from 100% organic cotton) that had the whole paper-with-wildflower-seeds thing going on. Still, an idea this cool deserves to be re-envisioned. Plus, the concept of viable seeds embedded in paper existed before either of these campaigns and neither of these agencies invented it, so I think it’s fair game to find new ways to use such an eye-catching concept.



  1. L'aura L says:

    Found your blog through the WordPress Tagsurfer feature with keyword, “Honda”. What a bit of clever marketing. Toyota also has something similar on their demo trucks for Hybrids Synergy Drive. Once on board they hand you a seed packet that doubles as a personal barcode id. Once you’re done with the exhibit, you keep the seeds as a souvenir.

  2. Michelle says:

    There’s potentially another problem with this. Wild plants don’t do much good if they are an invasive or alien species to the habitat where they are planted. Just a thought.


  1. […] la marca de pantalones Levi’s ya propuso algo parecido con sus etiquetas ecológicas [vía Shape + colour] […]

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