virgin mobile: “#9”.

First Hillary, now good ol’ Spitzer. Here is the latest in our new topically-aware series of ads, copywritten by yours truly. It was blogged on the US politicial news site PoliticoAdrants, and on Gawker. Notice that big long line of copy they quoted….yeah baby.



  1. Hey Jer,

    They mention your ad in this article

    Virgin Mobile Canada takes a more edgy approach when it comes to marketing its services than you-know-who’s beavers. It ran an ad this week featuring scandal-plagued New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, who is alleged to be known as Client 9 at an escort service, that played into its slogan that it won’t treat customers like a number.

  2. escorts100 says:

    This sad story make me feel “Something in the Way”(Nirvana)

    Underneath the bridge
    The tarp has sprung a leak
    And the animals Ive trapped
    Have all become my pets
    And Im living off of grass
    And the drippings from the ceiling
    Its okay to eat fish
    cause they dontt have any feelings

  3. This is an outstanding ad. I totally appreciate it.

    My only question is this. If I call Virgin, will I really speak to someone who deals “from the heart” instead of from a script?

    I mean, didn’t you do this gig for awhile?

    I have no further comment your Honour.


  4. fivehusbands says:


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