adidas + beijing olympics: “hu jia” + “zheng zhi”.

A while ago, I wrote a post called “Impossible Is Nothing: Adidas Brands Beijing” right after Adidas (the greatest brand in the world, in my opinion) launched it’s “In 2008 Impossible Is Nothing” campaign for the Beijing Summer Olympics. Kicked off by stunning print ads and a beautiful spot called “Together”, the campaign promised a kind of cultural sincerity that’s more honest than the typically bombastic, trumpet-blowing Olympic advertising. The tone was set for a more personal campaign that didn’t shy away from the weight of national pride and identity Chinese athletes carry on their back, perhaps more than athletes from any other country in the world.

This brilliant collaboration between 180/TBWA, Psyop, and Stink continues with two beautiful spots telling the personal stories of Chinese Olympians. “Hu Jia” and “Zheng Zhi” continue the serene, poetic hand-drawn grey-scaled animation mixed with live footage that was introduced in “Together”. Besides their exquisite look and feel, these spots are supremely touching. I really feel a sense of athletes from a country that’s alienated in so many ways reaching out and wanting people to know who they truly are. Simple, beautiful work.


  1. stefccdotnet says:

    (A)ll (D)ay (I) (D)ream (A)bout (S)ex rulz 🙂

  2. The promotion of individual glory under the heading of ‘Together’ is an absurd contradiciton. And in the current global political climate is also rather tasteless.

    How about 2 spots in a similar style called ‘Tibet Is Nothing’ and ‘Iraq Is Nothing’.

  3. i do agree with you. adidas is doing some really great stuff with their Impossible is Nothing ethos.
    I think I like the Hu Jia one more because diving kinda lends itself more to the visual look of this animation.


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