craig oldham: nudist typeface.

It’s not everyday that you can say that a font made you laugh. Not the words the font describes, but the actual existence of the font itself. Today, however, is one of those days: check out the Nudist Typeface from UK designer Craig Oldham.


Letters with their dirty bits pixellated! How awesome is that? But it doesn’t end there, we’ve also got the biblical Adam and Eve version:


And the old-skool CENSORED version:


But it gets better. To announce the project Oldham sent out a package with plasticized porno-style protective wrapping and a warning sticker, with this awesome poster tucked inside. Rather than use the traditional “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” panagram (containing all the letters in the alphabet, so frequently used to demonstrate fonts) he brilliantly created a nudist-based panagram to market the new font. Smart.


Big thanks to Five Husbands for sending me this, via Boing Boing.


  1. Great stuff. I’ve always said/thought that TYPE is SeXY… Cheers, C

  2. fivehusbands says:

    You are most welcome.


  1. […] 21, 2008 at 5:58 pm · Filed under art, creativity, humor, writing david, you will certainly like this lol. so awesome and stupid at the same time. lmao. how can i get this as part of my wordprocessing […]

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