It’s always the pictures you didn’t know were being taken that turn out the best. Most of the time, as soon as you do the whole customary “group gather turn arms around each other look happy smile” rigamarole and then try to look like it’s all totally impromptu, it just doesn’t work out. By the time you realize there’s a moment to capture, the moment is already gone. MethodIzaz knows this, and, in fact, is banking on it…



In a kind of guerrilla portraiture that I suppose could only really have evolved in the post-Paris Hilton paparazzi era, MethodIzaz is a lot like a hired P.I. On the website, you enter in specific details about your daily routine, a current photo of what you look like so they can identify you on the street, and even what kind of moods you’d like the pics to capture. Then an anonymous photographer takes shots of you while you go around doing your thing. The site promises “without posing or artifice, the camera captures on the natural beauty of the person.”

I think this would probably work best for a couple where one knew about the plan and the other didn’t, and then the first partner could make sure the other one looks good and then lure them to all the pre-determined spots. If I hired them to follow myself, I might be a little too aware that, at some point, my picture was going to be taken. Though it might be fun to ask them to capture moments of happiness and untold joy, and then act very grumpy for the week. Just to give them a challenge..


Via Veer

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