pangea day: “tank driver”.

A few months ago I posted about Pangea Day, the realization of a dream from visionary documentary filmmaker Jehane Noujaim and winner of a TED Idea Prize. The goal, simply but globally, is to unite people in the world through the power of the moving image.

As Pangea Day, May 10 2008, draws closer, they’ve embarked on a new campaign with the tag “See the World Through Someone Else’s Eyes”. The ultimate power of Pangea Day is precisely that. Despite langauge, race, and culture we have a medium in film where we can tell the story of any human being on earth, and any other human being on earth (if viewed with open mind and willing heart) can understand the other person’s life.

This latest promo film for Pangea Day, “Tank Driver”, is such a succinct and perfectly realized incarnation of this message that I’m going to shut up now and beg you to watch it:

(Agency: Johannes Leonardo, Director: The Glue Society, Production:


  1. tom trimble says:

    cant run them over but if they become a real problem then the comander as the right to shoot them either with pistol or 50 cal……

  2. good work

  3. Thats a great video. I have always thought that the driver in the tank was in some ways as daring as the man who stood up in front of the tanks, I read that the tank drivers were given strict orders to kill anyone who stood in their way (I may be wrong)

    I read that the man known as tank man was probably killed later. I wonder what happened to the driver?

  4. The images on the promo film are still so powerful that I could barely watch. I’m definitely going to check out the Pangea Day concept, it sounds like a wonderful idea.

  5. Amusing concept. I hope he can do much with it. I remember that day, everyone got a true lesson in what power is. A silly schoolboy was more powerful than a column of tanks.


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