pundo3000: advertising versus reality.

Deep down in our dark, carb-laden, fast-food munching hearts we all knew this to be true, but sometimes seeing the evidence laid out before us is a little bit hard to swallow. (That was punny, I realize, but I couldn’t stop myself…)


In pundo3000.com‘s “Werbung Gegen Realität” (Advertising Versus Reality), they’ve taken 100 (sometimes incredibly odd looking) German food products and given us a direct comparison of their packaging next to what was actually inside. I mean, sure, nobody really expects their Heringssalat to be as totally filled with juicy bits of fresh herring as is portrayed on the box, but shouldn’t it at least be approximately the same colour?


When you open your Heringssalat and it’s a bright shade of creamy mauve, it’s time to throw that shit away. Plus, you know that your Zwiebel-Hackbraten just won’t taste the same without those succulent grillmarks on whatever appears to have been intended to be a steak of some kind. If it had grillmarks, we’d know it was meant to be meat. C’mon people – where are the damn GRILLMARKS?!?!


I’m also a little suspicious of why my kohlwurst has sunk to the bottom of my Grünkohl. I like my wursts to be a little more buoyant…


You can check out the entire 100 products in all their glory here, but these are three of the more heinous ones. This Entenfleisch, Rinderroulade, and Schlemmergulasch ain’t how Grandma used to make it…




I also found a video hyping the project (complete with a culturally misunderstood quasi-old skool hip hop scratch soundtrack – I’d say the intention was some kind of irony, but I’m pretty sure Germany’s taste in music just blows…)

Via the kick ass The Denver Egotist via Funtasticus

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