björk + encyclopedia pictura: “wanderlust”.

Regardless of your personal opinion of Björk (she usually fits pretty snugly into the “love her or hate her” category) she easily produces the most artistic, ground-breaking, and visually stunning music videos in her industry. She sets the bar for imagination, hands down. Buzz has been building around her latest vid, “Wanderlust”, since production stills made it on the web a couple months ago.


Now the wait is over. Björk came out in person for the first screening at Deitch Studios in Long Island City on March 13. The video was (finally) released for the rest of us today on Yahoo. Directed by duo Encyclopedia Pictura, this little wonder was shot in 3D with a mix of live action, puppets, scale models, and computer generated animation. The result is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Like it or not, whether you think she’s bat shit crazy or not, Björk is a consummate artist. And you gotta give her respect for that.

The low quality YouTube version of the video simply doesn’t do it justice, and those links are being killed now anyway. Luckily, I got an email from Isaiah at Encyclopedia Pictura with this high-res link. It is beautiful. Check out “Wanderlust” it all it’s glory here.

If you want to see just how one goes about making a plastersine yak, then there’s also a totally interesting behind the scenes spot as well:


  1. music videos are nice because you have music and sort of a small movie describing the music ,’.

  2. cherylsblog says:

    oooh oooh,
    thanks for the links.

    Love Bjork.


  3. oh yea, some so good, some so so so.

  4. wow, interesting blog. Whatever happened to bjork?

  5. Anne Onneemoos says:


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  7. Bjork ROCKS. (So does your blog) !

  8. Do you welcome new readers here? Don’t just wanna barge in. I’ll behave if you want, although that’s a stretch for me…
    Cool videos you posted.


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