christian zuzunaga: pixel couch.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again right now, pixels are the shit. Whether it’s the colour-filled pixellated print art from the too-awesome -for-words collective EbOY or this little baby right here. Say hello to the Pixel Couch from UK Royal College of Art graduate Christian Zuzunaga.

From an artistic perspective, I love it. The concept behind this is big, but actually looking at it for too long kinda makes my face hurt. I’m not sure I could handle sitting on it each and every day, but I’d want to own it anyway. Maybe I could design and entirely pixellated room in my house, with this couch and EbOY prints all over the walls. It might make your eyeballs explode, but what a way to go…



Via the must-read SwissMiss

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