joshua allen harris: “air bear”.

Last week these pictures popped up on the absolutely kick ass street art blog Wooster Collective. The then-unidentified artist took used plastic bags to create animals lying over subway grates. When the trains rushed by the air would inflate the animals and make it look like it was moving. Even with just the picture, you could see how unexpectedly cool the project is. Imagine walking down the street at the exact moment a plastic bag bear popped up and started shimmying around in front of you. It’s almost unspeakably brilliant in it’s simplicity.


Now, thanks to the art gods at Wooster, the artist has been identified as Joshua Allen Harris. Even better, he’s released a video of his “Air Bear” street sculpture in action. Basically, it’s just really fucking cool:


  1. forsooth says:

    A hollowed-out, plastic creature in an environment with no soil and no trees, sustained by hot exhaust rather than nature’s air. There’s an animal at home in his habitat. Kinda sad, on some level.

  2. bandwagonjumper says:

    Absolutely brilliant. I love the way the bear rears back on his hind legs so realistically when inflated and then elegantly reclines back to the floor, placated as he deflates. I very much enjoying your blog – feast for the mind.

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