bluelounge sanctuary charging station.

This thing is going to be all over the net in about ten minutes, but here’s my two cents anyway. I’m not sure why stuff like this is so awesome, it just is. I think it’s the kind of ridiculous currency of the situation – that we’ve got too many wires… so many wires we can’t take it anymore. There’s famine and disease and economic decline… but I really freak out when I can’t find my iPod cord.

Imagine going back in time, say, to 1969 – there’s colour TV, girls mostly wear skirts on a regular basis, people just got their asses on the moon. You say to someone “In about 40 years, I’m going to have a little flat electronic telephone with no wires that I carry in my pocket, and a little flat electronic record player that holds about 30,000 songs and has little headphones that fit in my ear – oh, and sometimes, the little telephone and the little record player are combined into one little record-playing telephone – and there are so many cords that plug into these little suckers that I need a special, felt-lined box to keep it all straight. God I’m stressed!”


Say hello to the Bluelounge Sanctuary Charging Station. Hmmmm… sanctuary. Sounds like a spa. Or political refuge. Is keeping a couple cords untangled really so traumatic that it involves seeking sanctuary? The Hunchback of Notre Dame needed some sanctuary. My iPod just needs a shelf. Granted, this little puppy looks totally hot and it’s got its own power source and 11 different types of chargers and a USB port built in. I dig the airplane food-esque compartmentalization of the thing – everything has it’s own parallel-aligned spot. At US $129.99 it a little over-priced, but so are the iPod and the mobile phone you’ll be charging in it.


Whatcha Thinkin?

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