eb hu: josie’s lalaland.

Now and then I get one of those Jodie Foster in Contact “so…beautiful…should have sent…a poet” moments where I almost fear that something is far too exquisite for me to try and describe it. Then I remember that I’m a writer, and describing exquisite shit is my favourite thing to do. So here goes:

What you’re about to see is one of the most beautiful animated videos ever. It sounds like an over-statement, until you watch it. We’re talking “Mona Lisa + Taj Mahal + your newborn baby’s first giggle” kinda beautiful.

Yibi (aka EB) Hu is an award-winning visual artist, designer, and filmmaker whose work simply defies description. In “Josie’s Lalaland” he’s brought to life a vision that you’ve simply got to see to believe. The Vimeo version doesn’t really do it justice, so I’d recommend you watch the high-def version here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

EB gave a great interview at itsartmag.com where he explains his inspiration for the film

“I first heard about a 14-year-old girl who was a blood cancer patient from one of my friends over in Asia. After 4 years of life in a hospital she stopped treatment and I was deeply moved by the girl’s courage.I began to research children who are in the same situation as her and one day I read the story of Josie Grove in the newspaper. Josie was 16-years old and had been a leukemia patient for many years. She had two bone marrow transplants and a course of anti-cancer drugs, all of which were unsuccessful in beating Josie’s cancer. When Josie was told that her condition was terminal she decided not to undertake any further treatment and went home to reunite with her family and enjoy a normal teenage life for her last 3 months. Not only because of similarity of two stories, but also the courage of these two different young individuals, I was inspired to create something that would capture such a spirit.”

What a meaningful, beautiful work of art. I hope Josie’s family can take some comfort in knowing how people will watch this and gain strength from their daughter’s life.


  1. fivehusbands says:

    This is so beautiful – simply amazing and you are right the HD is so much better.



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