michael surtees: “new york city colour study”.

Sometimes the simplest observations bloom into something very cool. Manhattan-based Art Director Michael Surtees looked out his apartment window and realized how different the colours of the sky can be from day to day. On January 16, 2008, he started to document all these different sky colours by taking a picture out his window every morning, usually between 7am + 9 am. Say hello to “New York City Colour Study”:

It’s crazy to see just how differently the human eyes sees one thing so drastically differently because of light, humidity, smog, clouds. The sky itself is always the same colour, it’s just everything around it that affects how we see it. This could almost lead us into the eternal “why is the sky blue?” question, but I’m no scientist. You can check out the full study on his Flickr page or on his personal blog.

The icing on the cake is that Surtees is originally from Canada, so he spells “colour” the right way. With the “u”. Yeah son.

Via Gerry Mak at the daily must-read Lost At E Minor


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