théo gènnitsakis.

Greek-born visual designer Théo Gènnitsakis is still in his early 20s but he’s already built up an impressive book with a slick, colour-soaked style. It’s like visual candy. Now splitting his time between Athens and Paris, he first caught my eye with these amazing illustrations for French cable company Numericable, which I found on Spanish design site evasèe.

(Agency: Leo Burnett Paris)

As if that wasn’t kick ass enough, check out these candy flossed ads he created for Puma and Nike:

I also found some ridiculously hot work on art director Drew Wilson’s online design gallery Muse:


  1. Very cool, but I thought the cat’s responsible for the sprint ads did those light rope ads first. (

    They’ve been around for a couple of years, but it might be him for all I know.

    Still, all this leads to a question: how the heck do you find such cool stuff while managing to get work done?

    Thanks for the blog, it rocks!


  1. […] reminds me of the work of of Théo Gènnitsaskis (who, coincidentally, though he’s Greek, lives in Paris half the time; something about the […]

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