sang hoon lee: “sip of light”.

Not that most people need an excuse to get a soda, but now once you’re finished you can turn the cup into a lamp. Koren product designer Sang Hoon Lee’s “Sip of Light” is an ingenious little straw lamp – bend it down and the single LED inside turns on, bend it back up and it shuts off. Created with help from co-desginers Soo Jung Kim and Sung Kyu Nam, the (somehow very narrow) battery is housed down at the base of the straw, and it’s weighted so that you can stick it inside any cup.

I’d like to try and make some sort of case for the practicality of this, saving your eyesight and all that, but really it just looks fucking cool. And it provides a good argument to get a Big Mac meal…

Via the kick ass Cool Hunting

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