mtv switch: “3650”.

MTV’s Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are always beyond kick ass. They find the ideal blend of visual style, music, genuine emotion, and entertainment that all companies should aspire to when trying to hit home with the much sought after 16-30s. From their mind-blowing (literally) HIV/AIDS awareness ad “Shot” to the shocking realism and quiet truth of MTV Think’s “Subway” and “Family Room”, they consistently get it bang on. The mix of message, meaning, and art is unstoppable.

This spot, directed by duo Ubik for MTV’s environmental awareness campaign – MTV Switch – is pure win. The animation is sharp and eye-catching, and rather than ramming some bombastic message into our faces it’s just simple and lovely and allows us to make its emotional feeling our own emotional feeling. This is an ad you can embrace. Love love love it. Ubik won “Best Animation” at the BTAA Craft Awards for this and were just nominated for “Best Film and TV Graphics” at the British Animation Awards. They deserve it big time.

The YouTube version is right here, but to truly get the nuanced quality of the animation, I suggest watching the high-res version here.

(Agency: Ogilvy & Mather)

While you’re at it, check out these equally awesome PSAs from MTV Switch.

Via The Denver Egotist via Motionographer


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