adidas originals: “the left-right project”.

Once again, Adidas asserts itself as the best brand ever. What I love about them is that they’re not just piggy-backing on a culture or pillaging its image in an effort to be cool. These aren’t just advertisements – they’re statements. Adidas actually fosters the creation of art and exploration of ideas.

I’m not being naïve; sure, then they use them to build their brand and promote a product. But there’s an artistic sincerity here that always rings true for me, and any brand getting shit this cool done is clearly at the top of its game.

Though the proper name is “The Superstar Film”, it’s travelling around as “The Left-Right Project”, which I think is a better name anyway. They’ve taken classic Superstar shell-toes and built gigantic 15-foot long models, sending the left show to the west coast and the right shoe to the east. On opposite sides of the continent, Sam Flores and Upper Playground customized one Superstar on the west while NYC/Paris collective Surface2Air handled the east. The results are as amazing as you’d expect.

The designs are sick, and “The Left-Right Project” is one more jewel in the Adidas crown. All day I dream about shoes… damn right.


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