sony: “tumble”.

The creative masterminds at Sony have something up their sleeves… again. Coming hot off the unreal buzz that continues to build over “Foam City”, a new video trailer went up on YouTube today promising that “something” is coming April 21st. Masters of the tease, the preview video shows just enough to get you excited and, unlike past trailers, gives no hint at all about exactly what’s going to be “tumbling”.

All is set to be revealed at on April 21st. The URL isn’t even active yet, so no clues there. In the meantime, all we’ve got is the preview. Check it out:

The YouTube vid description simply says “watch something turn into nothing, then watch it all tumble…”. Directed by Andrew Douglas at Anonymous Content, the video hints at what I’m sure will be insanely killer computer generated graphics and a bunch of stuff rolling around.

In the press release issued by Sony, which is now making it’s way around the marketing sites, there is a line saying “Sony Electronics today launched an integrated marketing campaign in the U.S. where its new Alpha digital SLR cameras, Handycam(R) camcorders and Cyber-shot(R) point-and-shoot cameras literally “tumble” from a mountaintop.” I’m having a hard time visualizing the tumbler being the actual cameras themselves – but if anyone could prove me wrong it would definitely be Sony. It’s also interesting to note that even though agency Fallon London has been the powerhouse behind all of the legendary Sony Bravia “Colour Like No Other” spots, and the recent “Foam City”, the new “Tumble” campaign is coming out of 180 Los Angeles.

It might be redundant to say at this point, but I’m really pumped for this one. I have a good feeling… Check back in on Monday the 21st for the full spot.

Update: The site and ad are up.


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