it’s arrived: sony’s “tumble”.

A few days ago I got a tip that “Tumble” – a new commercial from Sony – was on its way. As promised the site is up this morning and you can check it all out now at right here.

The Tumble spot itself is cute. Obviously not as epic as Foam City and the Bravia stuff, but I think they’re smart for not trying to out-colour themselves on something that probably can’t be out-coloured. There’s no point in continuing to trump your own ads for one product with another of your own product, you’ll just split you own idea too far. So the big stuff we’ve come to know and love will stick with Bravia TVs, and the HD camera stuff we’re seeing with Foam City and now Tumble will evolve in this direction: more subtle, more understated, and more about the idea of capturing an image. Which, considering these are ads for a line of cameras, isn’t really a bad way in, is it?

I feel like the CGI of the actual falling cameras looks just a little bit fake, but the core idea is strong: the quality and technology of super high tech professional cameras gets broken down and put into your little hand-held Sony thing.

The best part of the mini-site is the Making Of Video. Sony just doesn’t shy away from letting us see what’s behind the curtain, and getting to check out the production on something as high-level as this is fascinating.

Whatcha Thinkin?

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