blur + shynola + david shrigley: “good song”.

I’m not going to try and seem like I’m on the forefront with this one, because this video for Blur’s “Good Song” was created in 2003. I don’t know how I missed it, but I did. Maybe because I’m not the biggest Blur fan, but I’m a huge fan of legendary artist/cartoonist/doodle master David Shrigley and kick-ass UK based director collective Shynola.

This is one of the weirdest, most engaging, most confusing, most involving music videos I’ve ever seen. Talk about throwing the rule book out this window. It’s just so totally fucking different. I can’t stop watching it…

Ok, so now you’ve seen it, too. Not what you expected was it?

Some people will hate this. Some will worship it’s audacity and freedom of thought. Clearly I’m in the latter. It’s a bit of a masterwork; This must be similar to what people felt when they saw a Picasso for the first time. How do you respond when you see something that’s just completely gone outside of the box?

This vid won a shit-load of awards, as it should: a British Animation Award for “Best Music Video” and two silver DE&D Awards – one for animation and one for direction.

The range of Shynola’s skills is ridiculous. For proof, they also created two of my fave music videos of all time: Radiohead’s unspeakably brilliant “Pyramid Song” and Junior Senior’s “Move Your Feet”. Two completely different vibes with equally outstanding, though stylistically polar, vids. If for any reason you haven’t seen both, you must hereby watch them right now:


  1. I’ve fallen into the “I can’t stop laughing” crowd. However, I feel as though I’ve been set up. It’s as though the animation sucked me in only to spit me back out. I think what stood out to me was the emotional connection that was created between the two characters. The manner in which they touched one another and how this was shown revealed a loving touch to detail by the animator. As for the song: I don’t even know what it was about.

  2. xtiaan says:

    omg that made me laugh so hard I wet myself a little…
    NOT what I was expecting.

  3. TASTE & POWER says:

    ummm i dont know. i dont see this as being that big of a groundbreaker. i mean, i love shrigley too, and being familiar with his work, i wasnt at all surprised by the video. the only thing that was unexpected to me, was the annoying leaf-blower sound. other than that its just an key frame animated music video which happens to be drawn by a genius.


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