three legged legs + chromeo + zune arts = “piece of me, piece of you”.

Zune Arts is one of my fave websites of all time. Not only do they foster collabs between the hottest artists and designers in the business, but they’re aware that in the new world of web and media the old idea of “create something – hold it back – make me people pay for it” doesn’t work anymore. Just ask the recording industry. But I digress…

Zune-Arts makes creation accessible and, even better, they understand that once people relate to a work there are tons of ways to promote it by making it their own: buddy icons, wallpapers, downloads. Zune-Arts makes it beyond easy to fall in love with new work and then spread it around. It’s brilliant.

In the latest Zune collab, “creative warriors” Three Legged Legs have taken electro-duo Chromeo’s track “Fancy Footwork” and turned into a felt-ridden zombie-filled night-time choreography romp. Besides being hilarious and random, that authentic Thriller-esque touch didn’t just happen. Three Legged Legs went all the way and worked with modern dance choreography Kristin Zipfel to get an authentic (or, as authentic as you can get working with felt-zombie puppets). The efforts show, and the vid is beyond kick ass:

Furthering their transparency, you can also check out a behind the scenes of “Piece of Me, Piece of You”:

Plus, if for some reason you haven’t seen it, one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen is another Zune Arts masterpiece: Corey Godbey’s stunning “Le Cadeau De Temps”. Watch it right now.

All pics via Zune Arts.

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