rspca: “hit”.

Holy fuck.

(Agency: The Campaign Palace. Director: Glendyn Ivin. Production: Exit Films.)

Via The Denver Egotist


  1. notoriousthorn says:

    Appalling. So, who are we supposed to volunteer for/send money to exactly after watching this? Are we wasting funds protecting animals that have been abused rather than protecting women who are victims of domestic violence if the logical conclusion is that a guy who beats his dog also beats his wife? Does the RSPCA think we should care more for the dog or the wife? I don’t think inciting the particular emotion I am currently experiencing was quite what they intended.

    A dog might have at least bitten the crap out of him.

  2. Christopher Robin says:

    It’s interesting that an organization that seeks to eliminate agression and violence would choose to take such a shockingly confrontational approach to advertising.

    It got me to thinking, which is better awareness design? Those excite your emotions, or those that arrest your emotions?

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