dave devries: the monster engine.

We all know there is nothing as expansive and pure and all-encompassing as the imaginations of children. Those little un-biased brains have nothing much to worry about (hopefully…) and so they just connect right away. Kids don’t edit or judge or over-think themselves. They’re awesome.

With “The Monster Engine”, New Jersey-based illustrator Dave Devries takes the drawings of children and re-envisions them as more realistic looking art. I can’t tell you how much I love how faithful he is to the original drawings. He doesn’t edit or try to improve them at all – he just faithfully transfers them with a more experienced artistic skill. Can you imagine being a little kid and then seeing your drawing come to life like this? It would blow my little kid mind.

Via Gerry Mak @ Lost At E Minor


  1. Ahh, i see someone already made the Yeon-Doo Jung connection. Anyhow, using children’s art at source material is creative gold. How brilliant their imaginations are. Marketing companies should start hiring them (kids, that is). The world would be a sweeter place, then.. : )

  2. Really great work. Creative and well done.

  3. Suze says:

    These are crazy! I was reminded of this: http://fishki.net/comment.php?id=32304

    Definitely worth a look.

  4. awesome. this would blow my mind, too. i’m really enjoying superman’s lanky limbs.


  1. […] dave devries: the monster engine […]

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