blu: “muto”.

I shudder to think of how long it took to make this. Shudddddder.

Well known Bologna-based street artist Blu is well-known for his cutting edge public art. To me it’s got a subtle fine art influence, with a Picasso meets Keith Haring-esque vibe and a bit of imagery from Dante’s Inferno thrown in for good measure. In his new video “Muto”, which he calls “an ambiguous animation painted on public walls”, he takes combines the realms of graffiti, street art, animation, and film… and in doing so take them to a whole new level. A ridiculously, amazingly, labour-intensive, respect-inducing, how-long-did-that-take, holy fuck kinda level. Check it out:

(Animation and Editing: Blu. Assistant: Sibe. Production: Mercurio Film. Music: Andrew Martignoni.)

Here is just a sampling of the dozens of public works Blu’s laid down…

All images © Blu.

Big thank to Clay (hxfour) for sending this my way.


  1. akaki says:

    holy fuck… long did it take..
    ridiculously amazing x infinity..


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