amnesty international: “cattle market”.

Sometimes I worry about the humanity of the world. When teenagers playing Grand Theft Auto 4 can blow off a hooker’s head for entertainment value, how can groups like Amnesty International depict real horrors going on in the world in ways that will hit home for people?

For me, “Cattle Market” works. If I wasn’t already a member of Amnesty, I would be after watching this. It’s appropriately graphic, the metaphor is realistic, but it doesn’t go too far and shockvertize. If you seriously sit down and watch this and think about what it saying and don’t feel gross after, then there’s something wrong with your heart.

Wait until the very end. The final tagline put chills across my skin because it’s so absolutely true.

(Agency: Walker. Director: Jeff Thomas. Production: Sonny London.)


  1. fivehusbands says:

    Amazing – thank you for the link.


  1. […] promotional films (like last year’s brilliant “Cattle Market”) are equally important.  They are smart but honest and don’t back down from the reality of […]

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