fredric j. baur + pringles can = eternal resting place.

This makes me happy. Dr. Fredric J. Baur, food chemist designer of the iconic Pringles’ can, passed away on May 4 at the age of 89. After cremation, his family honoured his request to have his ashes buried inside one of his cans, which his daughter Linda told the Cincinnati Enquirer was his “proudest accomplishment”. I hope one day I do something I’m so freakin’ proud of that I want to put my cremains in it.

Apparently, contrary to Pringles’ advertising slogan, once you pop… you can stop.

Via BoingBoing


  1. Bauer had a great idea when coming up with the Pringles can. Even though it was not just for his product. The point is that his invention was very important for Pringles but it was still only one part of the process of building that brand. It’s the level of commitment to the product that tells us all we need to know about making a brand fly. At every point and on every level of P&G you can be sure that Bauer’s level of commitment was there…sweating details, thinking about the target market and refining the product and all its brand details!

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