konzerthaus dortmund: “black poem”.

Last year, Hamburg-based motion and design shop Sehsuct, director Niko Tziopanos, and ad agency Jung von Matt created one of the most stunning, cinematic promo spots I’ve ever seen for Konzerthaus Dortumund: “Symphony in Red”. If you’ve never seen it (and even if you have) it’s worth watching over and over:

Now for the 2008/09 season the same group of creatives has teamed up together again, with equally fantastic results. Moving their inspiration from fluid and blood to speed and fire, “Black Poem” takes it’s momentum from the music of Turkish composer Fazil Say. Organic and elemental, I’ve never seen text animated quite as effectively, beautifully, and in-flow with pure visuals as with these letters. They’re smouldering, almost made from embers, and yet so sharp at the same time. It’s really blowing my mind.

There’s a German-language version from YouTube posted below, but it doesn’t nearly do the spot justice. Click here to see a full-sized beautifully-detailed English version.


  1. Stunning visuals and great music as well as a compelling voiceover.

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