trollbäck + company: “things we think about before sleep”.

Trollbäck + Company is one of my fave visual design studios in the world. They kick ass each and every time, and it blows my mind a little. Usually when shops are so consistenly innovation it’s because their out of the box thinking lives in every aspect of their company, not just their product. To me, this short film proves how Trollbäck does things differently… with kick ass results.

In “Things We Think About Before Sleep”, designers Tetsuro, Peter, Anna, Paul, Emre, Christina and Tolga got full reign to create a visual and sonic glimpse into what runs through their minds once their heads hit the pillow. The results are so different, but each so interesting, that you can easily tell why these guys are at the top of their game.

Click below to check it out in high res…

Via Motionographer


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