adidas: chinese volleyball association.

I’ve raved about this campaign enough already, so as hard as it is for me to hold back my rabid enthusiasm, I won’t get into it again. But click on “raved about this campaign enough already” if you want to read my past raving.

Adidas, 180/TBWA, Psyop, and Stink continue the brilliant “In 2008, Impossible Is Nothing” campaign for the Beijing Summer Olympics with “Chinese Volleyball Association”. After beautiful spots highlighting the hopes and fears of Chinese Olympics hopefuls Hu Jia and Zheng Zhi , this time they look at setter and team captain for the Chinese women’s volleyball team, Feng Kun. They won gold in Athens 2004 and Kun won MVP, so it’s probably an understatement to say there are some major expectations sitting on their shoulders for 2008…


  1. I’d like a giant eye-in-the-sky to hover over my twelve-year old daughter when she’s playing soccer.


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