monster: stork.

I don’t know what’s going on over at BBDO New York, but they have been doing killer work for Monster. Not just good, not just great, they’ve been knocking it out of the park each and every time. For proof, check out past awesomeness “Legs” and “Daybreak”.

The continue kicking ass and taking names with “Stork”. Showing true range, they’ve revealed yet another facet to the “Your Calling is Calling” campaign. While “Legs” was entertaining and comic, “Daybreak” was cinematic and epic, the beauty of “Stork” is in it’s simplicity and the honesty of its core idea. The nature of the beginning of the spot is wide-sweeping, but the feel of the entire thing is thoroughly intimate. The quality of the 3D work from UK shop Framestore is ridiculous.

At the end, I felt chills up my back and my face felt flushed. When I react to something physically first, it’s always a good sign. It means the idea went right into me and I didn’t have to mentally think about it. No time was wasted here: I was drawn in from the first second and the final question it poses is salient and universal. If this spot doesn’t make you think twice and analyze your own life, even a little, then you’re not ready for a real job yet.

(Director: Daniel Kleinman. Production: Rattling Stick. CG/Animation: Framestore.)

Via Motionographer


  1. lookimawave says:

    haha. this is so good because most people resent their parents too much to worry about letting them down.

  2. Hey Sven –

    Ridiculous = awesome. Maybe I should change it to ridiculously awesome. It’s off the hook good, so congrats to all your guys at Framestore.

  3. When you say The quality of the 3D work from UK shop Framestore is ridiculous do you mean that in a good or a bad way?
    Just wondering as I work there and would like to know what you thought.

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