christian simmons + josh lind: pencil face.

This is really twisted. And I dig it.

I’m not sure what’s in the fountain water over at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), but I want some of it. Their SCADshorts ongoing creative project is a feast – a trove, even! – of continually innovative, spellbinding short film. Like the simply brain-grabbing “Pencil Face”. Watch it right now!

Holy shit. Created by SCADers Christian Simmons (director) and Josh Lind (producer), “Pencil Face” is demented and skin-crawly. Both in it’s mood and also in that there’s a heart of truth for all of us in the casual, consumptive greed it depicts. That, and undertones of pedophelia… with a bit of “Fire Walk With Me” thrown in. So, all in all, a pretty comprehensive mix of weird.

If you want to see some killer behind the scenes pics and footage (or, if you’re just horribly disturbed and need to prove to yourself that Pencil Face isn’t really…) then click right here.


  1. […] spine and making me avoid writing utensils all day after watching their chilly and dark short film “Pencil Face”, I went back to the SCADshorts site today to watch more and found a hilarious bit of chromatic […]

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