amnesty international + zurich29: ink.

I’m a huge supporter of Amnesty International – both for the actual work it does and of it’s advertising. In a world where the 10% of us who control most of the planet’s wealth have little to no clue of how startlingly lucky we are, Amnesty fights loudly and intelligently for the most basic rights to be extended to every member of our human family. This isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Their promotional films (like last year’s brilliant “Cattle Market”) are equally important. They are smart but honest and don’t back down from the reality of what they’re trying to do. They appeal to our intelligence because that is how they will reach people open and willing to help their cause. Time and again they find subtle ways to appeal to our sense of decency but also to affect us emotionally – they don’t beat us over the head but do confront us with the reality of how other human beings are being treated in our world.

In their latest spot, “Ink”, again created by TBWA Paris, director Zurich29 adds a continuation to their beautifully executed signature concept. This brilliant solution opens the door to illustrate exactly what’s going on in the world, provide a direct realization to how we can make a difference, and mixes them both into a visually arresting and impactful work.

“Ink” is a continuation (really more of a re-interpretation, but hey – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it) from last year’s “Signature”. This spot, again created by TBWA Paris but with animation and production by Magiclab, rightfully earned a Cannes Gold Lion. Watch it and you’ll easily know why…

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  1. Aurelie, that’s awesome, I had no idea if annoye from your city ever read this thing. Please come to the opening if you feel up to it. If you do, introduce yourself to me, I’ll be the guy that looks sheepish and worried…

  2. fivehusbands says:

    You described it perfectly – thank you for sharing.

  3. Krista says:

    pretty genuis

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