brian levi bowman + rod lamborn: meridian.

Here’s an ethereal little glimpse of beauty. It’s not very literal and it’s not very sensical and that’s what I like about it. Sometimes the best art is simply something that evokes an emotion but leaves you in charge of figuring out what it should mean to you. That’s exactly what the washes of starlight, arbour, and urban solace set into our hands in “Meridian”.

Created by Brian Levi Bowman (a CD at the legendary Digital Kitchen NY. Amongst Digital Kitchen’s legendary-ness is the best credit sequence to any TV show in the history of TV – the mesmerizing opening to “Six Feet Under”) and cinematographer Rod Lamborn, they eloquently describe the beautiful collision of physics and poetry that was the catalyst idea for their film:

“The philosophy of materialism holds that the only things that can be truly proven to exist is matter. Fundamentally, material composes all things and all phenomena are the result of material interactions; therefore, matter is the only substance and can neither be created or destroyed. Hence, we are all made of only what came before us yet discretely conceived through form; we are all made of earth and sky and stars.”

Or, as Joni Mitchell once said, “We are stardust. We are golden. We are billion year old carbon.”

Click here to watch “Meridian”.

Via Motionographer


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