anna garforth: mossenger.

UK designer Anna Garforth has gone above and beyond green-washing to create a truly biodegradable and all natural graffiti. With “Mossenger” she’s created living, breathing, and sustainable outdoor art. Fashioned from a common moss that thrives on brick walls, she took a quote from poet Eleanor Stevens, carved the moss, and glued it to the wall with a mix of totally biodegradable ingredients.

As the moss grows it will begin to spread out and the words themselves will literally spread themselves, in all their green glory, across the wall and melt into a field of green. Part of an on-going project experimenting with public space and street art, I’m majorly interested to see what Garforth will be up to next. Perhaps the next lines of the poem will strategically find themselves on walls across the city?




Via It’s Nice That


  1. this is incredible idea! I love it i have never seen something like this.

  2. Hi

    This interview from Anna Garforth by could interest you :

    She talks about “guerilla gardening”, her next project out of bark tree, etc…

  3. Regula says:

    This is a great idea. Congratulation!

  4. Hey, this is great artwork … i made experiments with moos too but the results were not that great as your work is … congratualitions – i love it ;O)

  5. stunning!


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