martijn hendricks: untitled (12 glowing men).

Dutch media artist Martijn Hendricks is definitely taking things outside of the box. He takes existing media and other found materials and altering them in way that sometimes enhances the original and sometimes completely undermines it. For examples, in his on-going 2008 project “Untitled (Give Us This Day Our Daily Terror)” he’s taken Hitchcock’s 1963 masterpiece “The Birds”… and digitally removed every bird.

In his video installation “Untitled (12 Glowing Men)” he takes the climactic jury-room scene from 1957’s “12 Angry Men” and haloes the deliberators with a prismatic, heaven-like glow. To me, it’s like a physical manifestation of their emotion and almost as if nature itself is intervening. The light itself spreads and morphs onto the men as each turns his back on the one man you wants to condemn the accused. There’s an intrinsic sanctimony involved in the trial-by-jury system, as if perhaps these men exalt themselves through the act of determining the fate of another. Notice how by the end of the scene, the only man devoid of the ethereal light is the one who’s been shunned by all the others.

Aside from that, it’s stunningly beautiful. Watch “Untitled (12 Glowing Men)”.

Via Today and Tomorrow

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