mickey and johnny: procrastination.

Brothers Michael and Johny Kelly are designers, illustrators, and filmmakers from Dublin, Ireland. Working both independently and sometimes in collaboration, their site, Mickey and Johnny, is a grab bag of goodness. From short film to photography to illustration to tee shirt design, they’ve got a bright, colourful, minimalist style that they’ve translated beautifully across all the media they work in.

One of my faves is their short film procrastination. Visually kick ass with cut to the bone insights about just how lazy we get sometimes. The voiceover, by Bryan Quinn, is equally awesome. There’s something about frustrated yelling that just sounds so much better when it’s done with an Irish accent. Canadian yelling completely pales in comparison.

Johnny has a whole bunch of of varied works, including an animated short about a lobster named Shelly that falls in love with vinyl records, and this sweet tee, “Body Shirt”, that he did for Airside in 2006.

Michael has a few series of photgraphic works, mostly simple and straightforward crowd, outdoor, and people pics. They’re well composed and pleasing. My favourite is this one from the series “Abstract”. I can see their faces, but they just look so content:

Thanks to Five Husbands for the tip

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