update! la machine + la princess.

In case you haven’t heard about “La Princess”, which I’ve affectionately decided to call “Big Ass Spider”, you can read my first post here.

Basically, buzz about this bad girl crossed the interwebs faster than I’ve seen in a while. After the major anticipation for just what would go down, last weekend La Princess came to life and terrorized the good citizens of Liverpool. seriously bored the fuck out of the good citizens of Liverpool.

So, while I get that this thing is a mechanical marvel and it’s definitely an engineer’s wet dream, it’s sort of boring, no? Maybe I’d be more impressed if I actually was there in person to watch it run around at a whopping 2 miles per hour. Make that crawl. Well… it’s really more of a meander. Still, I suppose a meandering 50 foot mechanical spider is still something to look at. It was scarier when it didn’t have the kind of fat British guy sitting in the front steering it.


  1. I’ve just finished editing a video of the spider.

    It’s in three parts and includes speeded up footage of it arriving at and climbing up a building.

    You can watch it here:

    Any feedback would be great!



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