I found this hot-ass print on one of my fave sites (and everyone else’s), Swiss Miss. Swiss Miss knows her shit. Anyway, upon some further digging I found this was just one part of a completely amazing brand and identity suite created by Buenos Aires-based design shop NNSS for  digital development company Naturaleza Digital.

Organic and prismatic, the inspirational hook came from the idea of “a mere drop of water separates a beam of light into a million colours”. Give it up for Sir Isaac Newton. Anyway – the print idea above is just the beginning. It takes a lot to make CDs and folders look this crazy good, and they’ve completely killed it.

In addition to that, here’s some other identity and print work NNSS has turned out. Amazing stuff all.


  1. Thank you very much!
    It’s very nice to discover these comments so far from argentina.
    A greeting to all!

    Sorry for my bad English

    Tomás Fliess
    Creative Director – NNSS

  2. absolutely beautiful identity work


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