daniel nocke + film bilder: no room for gerold.

Something amazing happened about a minute into Daniel Nocke and Studio Film Bilder‘s short film “No Room For Gerold”. I forgot they were animals. And that’s saying something. With flawless animation and voice-over performances so realistic, I found myself zoning in and out of being able to comprehend what I was watching.

The allusions between herbivore and carnivore, male and female, and reptile and mammal all cleverly hint at a variety of real-life situations that would affect any of us: sexuality, cultural differences, even race. Disarmingly effective, the fact that this works so well at a genuine, emotional level is a testament to the quality of the 3D animation, script, and film-making. This easily could have slid into just watching animals act like humans and lost all it’s realism… but watching “No Room For Gerold” I began to think more of how, when threatened or territorial or unhappy,  it’s so easy for humans to just start acting like animals.


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  2. I’m really frustrated I don’t speak German…I wish I knew what they were saying in the last bit with the answering machine…

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