mike benson + knife show inc: magic flashlights.

This is totally badass. Created by Knife Show Inc and directed by Mike Benson, “Magic Flashlights” is the perfect integration of light show, motion art, sport, and shredding. Hyper cool.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you’re curious to know how they pulled this off, then Benson was cool enough to share his process on his Vimeo. If you’re like me, and prefer let the magic Santa Claus Tooth Fairy illusion ride, then skip the next paragraph…

“The effect was created in After Effects. We had the riders hold flashlights with them turned on so they would be easier to “see.” Then we used a modified version of Andrew Kramer’s tutorial (with plugin Trapcode Particular) to create the streak. That was pretty simple, but it became a huge challenge when the camera moved, which meant we had to somehow move the entire generated beam with the camera, while keeping the emitter point on the light.”

They’ve also got a good behind the scenes vid showing production a bunch of bail outs. People falling down, for whatever reason, is always funny. Watch it here.


  1. oops I thought this was Mike Benson’s blog…

  2. I have an idea, but it won’t happen until next season. I’m currently recovering from ACL surgery. What do you think about a session on the Northside Snowdome of Hood? Winter 2010? maybe Spring 2009? If we can find some more determined riders who can hike and huck…with moderate avy training? I’m currently retaking avy 1 and 2 with field sessions after I can walk again. Here’s a direct link to my Sports shots so far in my budding career: http://poultonimaging.com/portfolio/?album=1&gallery=10

    Let me know if you’re willing to tackle the Northside prospects with me?


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