roger hiorns: seizure.

In his latest installation, “Seizure”, British artist Roger Hiorns has turned the idea of sculpture inside out. Rather than present a sculpture inside an architectural space, he’s turned every surface of the architectural space into sculpture. Mixing installation art and chemistry, he’s taken an entire abandoned apartment near London’s Elephant & Castle and transformed it into a gemstone. Covering the inside with blue copper sulphate crystals, he’s created an other-worldly, mineralized, glinting mirror of an everyday apartment. Jewels literally glowing from the ceiling and lining the floors…

The scale and production of “Seizure” is ambitious. After reinforcing the walls and ceiling and covering them in plastic sheeting, 80,000 litres of a copper sulphate solution was poured in from a hole in the ceiling. After a few weeks the temperature of the solution fell and the crystals began to grow. The remaining liquid was pumped back out and sent for special chemical recycling.




Describing his experience, Guardian art critic Adrian Searle said:

“Silvery shards of cold light spangle and wink and beckon. Every surface is furred and infested; big blue crystals dangle like cubist bats from the light fittings. Little wonder the flat has been abandoned: you’d move out, too, if the crystals moved in.”





If you’re in London, “Seizure” is open to the public until November 3, at Artangel at Harper Road. Check out some pictures from people lucky enough to be able to see “Seizure” up close, plus some very cool pics of the creation process, at Iconeye.

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  1. Reblogged this on Jessi Falloon and commented:
    This artist’s technique for this work seems to work in a similar way to some of my work, by just allowing substances to crystallise or affect their environment however they will. Plus, this is one of the main ingredients in the toner I use in my work that I am referring to. This is amazing.

  2. fofynnuh says:

    Hiseyes were smiling, she cried out. Positioned like it.

  3. Beautiful. I’m in awe.

  4. Shawdavi says:

    Why do some people have the liberty to harm the planet for the the sake of art? What a waste.

  5. Thanks very much for writing about Seizure – amazing photographs too. Just wanted to let you know that you can see Roger talking about the project and watch some previously unseen production footage on a new video on the Artangel website:

  6. Very interesting work!

  7. I created a ‘virtual reality’ interactive panorama photo of this installation. It can be seen on


  8. Renee Leighton says:

    It’s very pretty but I wonder how much that cost. How long will it last? I do love the color though.

  9. Dude, just don’t trip and fall. Ouch.

  10. It is a beautiful creation. Now a HAZMAT site, but still cool.

  11. Buck Futter says:

    Hey, I love the annoying wordpress preview that covers the image i’m looking at with a thumbnail preview of that image with a link to the original image. Brilliant!

  12. Beautiful, just beautiful. I posted the first picture and linked, here. And, yes, it’s definitely copper sulfate.

  13. I just looked it up. These are definitely copper sulphate, Copper phosphate is somewhat green in colour.
    Whatever the chemistry and methodology, the result is a thing of beauty, and, I suspect, a transient on if the appearance of the building is any guide, but I wonder, I wonder….. How much copper sulphate solution will I need to make a crystal cave in my cellar?

  14. I like this quote:
    “The scale and production of “Seizure” is ambitious.”
    Yeah, no kidding!

  15. wow! now thats awesome!!!


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