dmitry maksimov.

I love beautifully shot landscape photography. I love cute little round-faced Kidrobot-esque alien characters. So, really, what’s not to double love about cute little round-faced Kidrobot-esque alien characters that  have been lovingly given a home inside beautifully shot landscape photography? It’s like a three way. Both are awesome on their own, but all together it’s a whole new experience. Yeah son.

Russian designer, painter, and illustrator Dmitry Maksimov takes photographs and inserts his own subject, creating a whole new world of experience and viewpoint. A field of grass is pretty, but once you notice the little aliens walking, almost tentatively, though it the story changes. His work is stellar. Each piece isn’t just an mixture of media and creators, but an enhancement. An elevation. He deftly gives a personality and mood to each altered photo, and each is imbued with a sense of discovery in the moment. Something is always being felt by these l’il creatures…

His site is entirely in Russian, but luckily for me, one of the designers in my office is from Russia. Spaceba Alina! Anyway – she read it over for me and apparently people send Maksimov photos they’ve taken for him to work on and when completed he posts them on his site. Sick looking results and an interactive experience with other artists. Done and done.

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  1. I love this guy!
    Dmitry Maksimov is such a good artist!

  2. I am so charmed by your work! It is simply lovely..

  3. Damn! awesome blog !
    snowboard lights balloons montages beautiful typo

    my eyes say thanks a lot!

  4. all image nice and good


  1. Invasion! says:

    […] 1 2 3 […]

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