esther stocker: what i don’t know about space.

I’m starting to become obsessed with installation art. The challenges and possibilities of taking the idea of art – how we look at it and interact with it – from something contained within a space to the entire space itself is fascinating to me. Immersive and expansive, there are chances here for total sensory overload.

Using pure black and white to create an illusion-filled, almost hallucinatory, geometric world is Italy-based painter, photographer, and installation artist Esther Stocker. Her “Geometrifying” installations wrap each room with pattern, sequence, and then interrupt their supposed order. Not through error or vandalism, but it seems more like the long passing of time has worn away at each piece. Almost like geometric decay, as if the perfection of each shape couldn’t possible hold on to its shape forever.  Visually stunning.

Stocker’s work has been featured around Europe for a few years, particularly in Brussels and Vienna, but she recently garnered big buzz for her exhibit “What I Don’t Know About Space” at London’s Museum 52 this summer. Check out a nice interview with Stocker at Don’t Panic.

Via Complex

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