trollbäck + company: obama buttons.

I love the work from New York shop Trollbäck + Company. I love them even more for not being afraid to stand up for what they believe in. To show their support for Barack Obama, they created four series of campaign buttons with different Trollbäck designers contributing to each one.

Clean and modern (just like Obama himself…) each series of four buttons is available for free in limited edition sets of only 100 each. It’s probably too late – although I did try myself, I’ll keep you updated if I got in on time – Success! I got mine in early October. They’re now proudly adorning my windbreaker – but send your full name, mailing address, and your two fave sets to and if it’s your lucky day you’ll get some.

My fave is set one. Kudos to Trollbäck for finding such succinct and all-encompassing little quotes. There’s not a whole lot of room on a button, and these ones go point blank. “No one is pro-abortion”… no small statement when you’ve got a female Republican Vice-Presidential candidate who, and I still can’t get over this, wants to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

Via Stimulant


  1. Where can one buy these?? The link isnt working.

  2. Love these. I would love to get some….how???? Having a small gathering for the vp debate would love to pass them out!

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