brad troemel.

I’m totally digging the big line-up of projects American artist Brad Troemel’s got going on at his site. Multi-disciplinary and thinking outside of the box, Troemel’s projects are creativity let loose. And it’s crazy good.

In his series “Canvases”, he photographs frosting, sprinkles, and other confections on top of raw meat. I love the juxtaposition of the man-made toppings with the organic flesh underneath…

In a similar vein, Troemel mixes the synthetic and organic again in “Coexist”. This time he heads out into natural environments and emulates the environments with synthetic objects:

In “Greatest Ever” he takes a series of images from championship games and matches each with a quote from that game. The grainy RGB images are hot enough, but when layered with the piece of text each one takes on a whole new meaning. Similar to the text/collage work of one of my favourite artists, Paul Butler

In his photo duo “Everything You’ve Ever Touched Was Temporary”, subtitled “Found Image and the Intentional Destruction of my Cell Phone” he pairs his own work, a vintage image, and a little social commentary…

There is tons of stuff to check out on his site, but my final fave is his series “Special. Basically, he hiked into the middle of a forest, shouted compliments for himself at a tree, then rode his bike to Wal-Mart and bought himself a trophy. It’s so totally random that you can’t not love it.

Via Love Life


  1. Jeremy have you found thst new artistic expression of the 21st century?
    Maybe not but Troemel is interesting, disturbing, “outside-the-box” and engaging.
    Thanks for the link.


  1. […] Brad Troemel was an acclaimed young Chicago photographer who maintained a personal website full of clever and visually striking images organized in the typical portfolio way. He also ran an incomparably shrewd and culturally attuned […]

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