Luckily for me, my parents are both artists and so growing up I was handed a constant flow of creativity-inducing and brain-building toys like Lego, Simon Says, Play-Doh, building blocks, crayons, paints… but the big daddy of them all was my Lite Brite. I was only 5, but I wanted to make love to my Lite Brite. It plugged in, it had patterns, it was colourful, and it lit up. There was nothing not to love. My obession with shape and colour, in all it’s incarnations, started with Lite Brite. I’ve suffered with silent nostalgic longing for my Lite Brite for far too long. Finally… my prayers have been answered.

Luminodot is Lite Brite on steroids. Besides looking sleek and modern enough that you could leave it out in your place and not feel like a total throwback if someone you’re trying to impress comes over, but it’s got an online template generator you can convert to .pdf, in addition to its included designs. Complete with 1600 pegs in 12 colours (the total display is 50×70 pegs, or 3500 spots in total), Luminodot is LED backlit and has 25 pre-programmed animated light sequences that allow you to create, literally, motion art.

Right now Luminodot is only up for grabs in Japan for about US $96. I’ve read that some have popped up on eBay for about US $130. The retro/kitsch/designer/geek/artsy market for this is huge, so I’d be shocked if it didn’t make its way to at least a few North American retailers some time soon.

Via Fubiz


  1. trickyguy says:

    Pretty cool. Maybe I’m crazy or cheap, but $100 seems like a lot for that.

    Still cool…

  2. I had an obsession with Lite Brite……talking about old toys….i have a Fabulous Fred jaja so incredible to play with and make funny sounds.

    I think you would like my blog, some of the post are in English but recently im writing in Spanish so…..well i hope you like it.



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