quercus: total warming.

Holy shit. I feel riddled with guilt after watching this. This is one of the best environmental-awareness pieces I’ve ever seen. Seriously, I need to go recycle something now.  Heartbreakingly lovely animation from Seagulls Fly.

(Agency: McCann Erickson Portugal. Director: FlavioMac. Production: Seagulls Fly.)

Via Fubiz™


  1. I’m a selfish fuck. I found this hilarious.

    I mean, I know global warming is a problem and all. But I always think there’s something inherently ridiculous about the anthropomorphism of animals. Especially when it’s taken to such sappy extremes as this.

  2. ummm….we are horribly selfish people

  3. chilling.

  4. Christopher Robin says:


  5. Oh my god.

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