fueltv + golden lucky: looking thru the b sides.

I read that people went apeshit when “Looking Thru The B Sides” went up at Pictoplasma NYC. The trailer makes it pretty clear why. Commissioned by Fuel TV, director Saimon Chow at Golden Lucky was given the breifs to thrill and inspire action sports lovers with a visually-crazy short film. Mission accomplished. The result is an 8-minute multi-styled cartoon epic about a skater named Ollie.

Complete with soundtrack by one of my favourite sound designers, the kick ass Simon Pyke at Freeform, if the insanely hype full trailer below isn’t enough for you, then you can also check out the 15 sec teaser here, the 20 sec teaser here, and a totally weird French-puppet promo spot that makes no sense here.

The trailer alone has be fully pumped. The full short isn’t available online yet, so be sure to check out local film fests and animation conferences to see if you can be lucky enough to see it on a big screen.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Via they equally hype Kitsune Noir


  1. This was one of the coolest animated shorts I’ve seen in a long time. Apeshit is right!


  1. […] thru the b-sides released. 8 07 2009 Last September I posted the killer trailer for the incredible looking short “Looking Thru The B-Sides”, directed by Saimon Chow […]

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